About Jodi

A fish.

That’s what I initially planned to title this blog. It’s the answer to the question, “How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

But developments in my life (read: being officially diagnosed with ADD) prompted me to change my hyperactive mind. And though my former blog title was “Daily Distractions,” I felt the moniker just a bit too common.

Using ‘daily’ in the title was a way to keep myself accountable to myself. In other words, it sort of forced me to write something every day as the name implies.

But I didn’t need more stress in my life. So I settled on calling this blog “near-daily.” Hopefully, that would be enough to keep me focused.

But I made no promises then and I still don’t.

Now I just wait for days when I feel inspired and my head is clear enough … hence the title I’ve settled on. But my ADDled brain could always change its mind … again.

As an award-winning journalist, former theater artist and outdoor guide, I’ve had wide-ranging experiences that have informed my outlook on life.

However, I don’t think my sensibilities have really changed since I was a small child living in a large city’s suburb. Without permission to cross the street, I’d take “hikes” on the sidewalk around the block. Even then, I was struck by the absurdity of the cement deer that lay on the front lawn of one homes I’d pass on my hikes. I wondered, “Where were the real deer?”


Everyday I see  things that make me question the sanity of this so-called advanced society we inhabit. This blog is an attempt to bring clarity to an otherwise confusing, chaotic and disjointed world.

Feel free to join me on the journey.  I’d love your feedback.


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