Berry, berry focused

Today as the Tour de France was winding down, our neighbor called and said her raspberries were ripe and she wouldn’t have time to harvest them. So if I wanted them, they were mine for the picking.

But before I write about that, I need to say a fair adieu to the Tour de France which ended today. It was truly an education and inspiration to watch those guys. And it was all so exciting, that I just have to get it out of my system.

If you have no interest in world-class bicycle racing, first off, what’s wrong with you? No, seriously, if that’s the case, simply skip down a few paragraphs. You probably won’t appreciate the limerick anyway.

Congratulations to Vincenzo Nibali (overall Tour winner for the maillot jaune a.k.a. the yellow jersey) and Frenchmen Jean-Christophe Peraud (second) and Thibaut Pinot (third).

It was a tough tour for former Bozemanite Tejay Van Garderen who won the TDF’s best young rider’s white jersey in 2012 and was the overall winner of the Tour de California last year. Thanks to a great time trial yesterday, Van Garderen moved up from sixth to fifth place overall.

As I watched the race today and listened to the magical commentary of Carlton Kirby, Sean Kelly and Jonathan Harris-Bass on Eurosport — I decided to throw myself into the fray. As is tradition, the commentators made a call for people to write limericks about the Tour and send them to Harris-Bass’ twitter account.

Here’s what I came up with in honor or our hometown guy:

There once was a man from Montana
Who raced ‘gainst a team called Astana.
Though it wasn’t his day,
The man named Tejay
Has his sights set on a maillot banana.

Astana, by the way, is Nibali’s team.

OK, I admit, it’s a bit weak. But I wrote it while watching AND listening to the race — a challenging feat for my distractible gray matter.

And that gets right to the real point of this post …

According to Dr. Ned Hallowell, a psychiatrist with ADD himself, people with ADD, though easily distracted, are also known to become hyperfocused on specific tasks.

In his book, “Driven to Distraction,” Hallowell writes:

“… the term ‘attention deficit’ is a misnomer. It is a matter of attention inconsistency. While it is true that the ADD mind wanders when not engaged, it is also the case that the ADD mind fastens on to its subject fiercely when it is engaged.”

This often overlooked capacity, Hallowell contends, favors creativity among people with ADD.

Oh wow, how cool is that?

So today had little to do with creativity on my part. However, I did spend nearly two hours in the hot sun picking raspberries. (I know, I FINALLY got back to the start of my post).

Thanks to our friendly neighbor, I now have about a pound of raspberries!

Thanks to our friendly neighbor, I now have about a pound of raspberries!

Sweat dripped off the end of my nose. My t-shirt soaked through. Typically when I get that hot (save for when working out), I cease to enjoy the activity in which I am engaged. Today, however, I just kept on picking (berries, that is).

I ended up with about a pound of juicy, red berries.

What is it about picking berries that is so engages me? Perhaps it’s the contrasting red berries against the green leaves that draws me in. I don’t know.

I just know there might be a raspberry cheesecake on our menu this week.


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