The stupid things I do thanks to my ADDled brain


Good Saturday morning, oh crap, I guess I mean afternoon. See? I really can’t seem to keep track of time.

Anyway, today I thought I’d write about one of the many slightly embarrassing things I’ve done over the years thanks to my somewhat muddled mind. I’ll save the truly shameful ones for a later post when I’m feeling more open-hearted.

As you read this post, please keep in mind, I’m not using ADD as an excuse for my foolishness, but it does at least explain why these things happen. For me, there’s at least some comfort in knowing why.

Well so, a few weeks ago, I was doing a mellow trail ride with some friends who are new to Bozeman, Montana, where I’ve been living for the last six years. We met at a trailhead north of the city so I could show them around the in-town trail system which is many miles long and a truly inspired amenity to this small Rocky Mountain city (Thank you, Chris Boyd and Gallatin Valley Land Trust).

After nearly 20 miles riding mountain bikes on non-technical but very pleasant trails, we decided to stop for coffee before heading back to our cars.

I was the only one who had a lock. So when we stopped, I managed to stretch my Kryptonite cable and lock all three bikes to the rack outside the cafe. We enjoyed our coffee and snacks as I told my new friends about my journey into learning about my ADD.

It was probably too much information for my new biking buddies, but I’m glad I revealed all because of what happened next.

As we headed for our bikes, a dreaded thought leapt into my brain.

“Where’s the key? Where’s the key,” I thought, nervously.

Out loud, I simply uttered, “Uh oh.”

Yeah, you guessed it.

I’d left the key either about four miles away in my car or someplace farther away at home. Fortunately for me (or so I thought) my housemate (also known henceforth as my significant other or SO) was on his way home from work. So I asked him to look for it.

My two now-stranded friends waited patiently with me for nearly an hour as SO tried to find the key at home (no go) and then rode his bike to my car in which the key was also not located.

In the end, we borrowed a hack saw from Mason at Alter Cycles (conveniently located across the street from the cafe) and I sacrificed my lock.

What price security? The cost of a story we’ll probably always laugh about.

Less than hour later (of course), when SO magnanimously brought me my car and computer at work, we realized where the key was — in the computer pack.

Now relieved of my lock, I find it will cost about $20 to replace.

But that’s not so bad. After all, the incident has become a joke between the three of us. And really what’s $20 when you can share a laugh with some buds once in a while?

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” — Victor Borge

If you don’t know who Victor Borge is, click on his name above to see him in action.

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